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Meet Our Team

Mark Parsons

Chief Operating Officer
The skill to relay information quickly and efficiently is important, especially in biotech, where data is crucial.

Janice Blake

Chief Technology Officer
Having a growth mindset is a great quality to have. A growth mindset is having the ability never to stop learning, even if you think you are in your highest knowledge.

Peterson parker

Director, Marketing
Being committed to the work and making sure every task is done well goes hand-in-hand with problem solving.

David Halls

Director, Product Innovation
Having confidence is one of the great qualities of a person which an employee should also have.

Beth Anthony

Senior Manager, Product Development
Ambitious employees are willing to go the extra mile whether to achieve company goals or make their way up the corporate ladder.

Mark Robert

Senior Manager, Technical Analyst
As a manager in your startup, you would obviously be happier handing a project over to someone who’s confident over someone who’s hesitant and unsure of himself. A confident manager is also more willing to take risks or go for challenges that an uncertain counterpart would shy from

Alice Johnson

Customer Service and Support Manager
Good customer service can have a direct impact on your business’ viability. By exhibiting the following customer service qualities and skills, you can help deliver an excellent experience, promote brand loyalty and ensure customer retention.

Justin Carter

Account Manager
A good account manager is also customer relations-oriented. Clients have to trust their account manager to have their best interests at heart. This is done by nurturing the relationships and going the extra mile to foster an environment that values clients.